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An assigment by the wonderfull teacher Wineke van Muiswinkel:
Build a hut and stay in it for 24 hours.

So this is what I did.

Tuuuut…. Tuuuut…. Tuuuut…

E: Hello this is Enzo.
A: Hello Enzo,  Anne speaking.
E: Hai Anne, how are you?
A: I am fine, thank you, how are you doing?
E: Fine as well
A: Enzo I have a question.
E: Okay, I am curious
A: I’m building a hut for a school assignment and I want to store myself in a storage rack. My mom told me you have one. Can I come and stay in it for 24-hours?
E: Anne what do you want? Tell me again!
A: Well.. I would like to store myself in your storage-rack with my hut..
E: Haha, alright then. Come see us, so you can take measurements of the rack and look for a spot where we can put your hut. When do you want to do this?
A: Tomorrow. Is that possible?
E: Yes of course! But you are gonna spend the night there?
A: Yes, is that okay with you?
E: No Problem. Come over, so you can take all the measurements you need.
A: Okay, I’ll be there in an hour.

Thanks to Enzo I had the most amazing experience there on six meters hight in his printing company. My dad brought me, it took us tree times to get me on a spot in the storage rack. When I walked through my hut the rack was rocking a little. When everybody left at 17.00 I was there alone in the dark, only a little light was on. I woke up with the sound of the printing machines working and heard the workers chat. Hours went by, my body got stiff, waiting for my dad to come and get me out. When he came, the first thing I saw was Hans his face with a big smile and he said: Anne Anytime! If you want to do it again, you know where to find us. By the way, maybe I want to try this as well.

And that was the start to make my experience into a concept and plan so everybody can store themselves and be in a place and position you will never forget!



eerste ideeen hut-12
the very first beginning of looking for a place to put my hut

huisje op heftruck
Make a transportable hut

AankomstThe moment my hut was placed in the printing company

Waiting to be placed in the storage rack 

Heftruck hutWoei there I go

Hut in de stellingLuckily the hut fits!

hutinstellingMy place for the night

Zicht uit stellingMy view 

eerste ideeen hutThe beginning of a concept

City never sleeps expoCity never sleeps
Exposition in club Natlab, Eindhoven. 

Audiotour a3City never sleeps auditour
Exposition in club Natlab, Eindhoven. 
Omslag boekWhen I came out of my hut Enzo asked me where the other students were staying with there huts, so we made a book with a collection of all the experiences we had. And of course we printed the book in Enzo’s Print company.