Project Hut-on-Spot Categories ◐ Concept 2014 Man and Leisure

– A network of huts in which you spend the nights on a very special temporary site-

Hut-on-spot is a network of huts where you can spend a night on a very special location. The hut is made in a way that it is easy to build on site. Hut-on-spot doesn’t arrange the location, but facilitates a transportable hut.

Because the hut is transportable you can build it wherever you want to sleep. It offers space for two persons to spend the night. Everything you need for a night away is included in a hut. You can order the hut online and it will be delivered on the spot you want to stay. The owner of the location becomes the administrator of the hut for that period of time.

In this way you are able to stay where you want, whenever you want. In a greenhouse, on the beach, in your own garden or granary. The huts will stay there for a certain period, it can be a week, sometimes a month or a whole season.

The range of venues is very dynamic and temporary, the cabins lead a nomadic existence.

It will become a special experience to spend a night in a hut-on-spot.