Project Light Research Categories ◉ Research 2012, Atelier 3 Mathieu Meijers and Marietta de Vries

-The colors of the light during the day-

To come closer to making a sublime object we had to study light and shadow during the day. To get a better understanding I made a scheme in color, words and shapes. In the end I made a documentation of the process and results of the Light Research.

Lightresearch booksThe five books of the documentation

lightresearch leporelloLeporello with verbs corresponding to the time of the day

lightresearch shadowsThe shape and color of the shadow during the day

lightresearchComposition of the colors in the morning

lightresearch5Composition of the colors during noon

Composition of the colors in the afternoon

lightresearch3Composition of the colors in the beginning of the evening

lightresearch4Composition of the colors late in the evening