Project Facade Frontaal Categories ◉ Research 2013, Module 4 Neeltje ten Westenend

-Make a Line-

The assignment of Neeltje was short and simple. You have three days to make a leporello with a line. What the line was about was up to you. Veenhuizen was a closed prison village and everything was build into a grid based on hierarchy. Johan and Willem Metzelaar made a system for each house and its residents. The more importend you were the bigger the house, more ornaments, more and bigger windows. But also the trees were standing there with a reason. The red Beech was only for the executives, the green beech for less important people like the doctor and so on. I made a documentation of all the houses in Veenhuizen in order of the hierarchy.


Veenhuizen leporello- Veenhuizen leporello3-

Veenhuizen leporello2