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– Cross section and coup of the past –

During the excavation of the Heuvelterrein a relatively large amount of wooden objects were found. Among other things: barrel staves with marks on them, which date back to the thirteen to eighteenth century. It is impossible to figure out what the characters stood for but it is clear that they were signed by illiterate people as a way of communication.

Anne Beuk en Jolene Carlier were inspired by these marks because of their graphic quality. Thereby they were particularly charmed by the graphic side of the archaeological world, like a jalon (red and white measuring instrument). With these elements they have created a reinterpretation of Eindhoven in Medieval times. The characters are converted to objects such as a bench, a flag pole and ‘official documents’. The wood used once served as a tannery vat.

A new project with Jolene Carlier in collaboration with archaeologist Nico Arts, presented during Dutch Design Week in October





IMG_4677drawings by Jolene Carlier