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  a serie of objects to create possibilities   

How to make a more human recreation-space in prison?

From the moment a prisoner has been sentenced and enters the prison, I want to prepare them for there return to society. The way to rehabilitation starts during their detention. Within the current prison regime everything is arranged for all the detainees, including the daily routine and activities. I would like to turn this around and see a proactive attitude and involvement that’s about schooling and coaching the detainees.

The recreation room has space to offer for opportunities

Preferably, I would offer a program made for the inmates, which they partly control. The program could include: workshops, courses, lectures, tournaments and one-on-one coaching.

In the current situation the recreation room of prison Veenhuizen is not suitable for receiving such a program. The use of modular objects makes it possible to create various spatial arrangements suited to their needs at the moment. The series of objects that I designed are a base to use the space in different kind of ways. By using a grid you also provide suggestions for the placing of the different types of blocks. The grid stimulates change.

This project is a collaboration between prison Veenhuizen and de department Man and Leisure

Recreatieruimte Norgerhaven

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